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Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority
Department of Education and Training (Australian Government)
Department of Social Services
Indigenous Affairs
Early Childhood Australia
Family Assistance Office
KidsMatter Early Childhood
Raising Children Network
Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Child Care
Yarn Strong Sista


Australian Capital Territory

Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services
Professional Support Coordinator

New South Wales

Department of Community Services
Gowrie New South Wales
Professional Support Coordinator - Children's Services Central

Northern Territory

Department of Education and Training
Professional Support Coordinator


Department of Education and Training
Gowrie Queensland
Professional Support Coordinator

South Australia

Department of Education and Children's Services
Gowrie South Australia
Professional Support Coordinator -Lady Gowrie Child Centre (Gowrie Training Centre)


Department of Education
Gowrie Tasmania
Professional Support Coordinator


Department of Education and Training
Department of Human Services (Child Protection and Child First)
Community Child Care Victoria
FKA Children's Services
Gowrie Victoria
Victorian Aboriginal Education Association
Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
Commissioner for Children and Young People

Western Australia

Department for Communities
Gowrie Western Australia
Professional Support Coordinator