The aim is to achieve excellence in children's programs.  In partnership with your management team we can create innovative programs that are solution focused and purposeful in a contemporary context to meet the needs of children, their families with meaningful connections to their local community

On-Site Consultation and Professional Learning Services

Australia wide Ripple Logic provides customised programs to meet your organisation's needs.
We understand the business of the Early Childhood services, Family Day Care and School Aged Care (Outside School Hours Care & Vacation Care) sectors within Education & Care Services.
Our services are designed to strengthen and further develop your organisation and people to achieve excellence in building sustainable high quality services for children and their families at a local community level.
Contextualised to address current national changes across the sector our services incorporate and understand the implications of the National Quality Framework:
  • National Quality Standard
  • Legislation - The National Law & Regulations
  • Approved Early Years Learning Frameworks - National & State

On-site consultations and Professional Learning sessions in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE are .....

  • Designed to support your organisation's continued quality improvement process to not only meet but exceed the National Quality Standard.
  • Linked to the National Law & Regulations and Approved Learning Frameworks.
  • Explored using practical strategies and resources.

Learning Conversations with children and families

Tuning into Kids: building children's capacity to self-regulate their own behaviour.

Assessing and Managing Risk

  • Designed to help your organisation to look at risk to create learning spaces for children that are safe, creative and stimulating.
  • Links to the National Quality Standard, Regulations and approved Early Years Learning Frameworks.
  • Explores practical strategies and resources.

Creative Learning Spaces Design & Function

  • Create innovative environments both indoor and outdoor to optimise children's learning in rich purposeful learning spaces that address legislative requirements and the National Quality Standard.
  • Design flexible learning environments to optimise the function of learning spaces that are based on good practice principles and current pedagogical thinking in line with approved early years learning frameworks.
  • Strategic planning and design information is provided to assist you achieve your short and long term goals to realise your vision to create optimal learning environments for children.

Sustaining Continuous Improvement

  • A series of customised professional learning sessions designed to enhance professional practice of early childhood educators to support sustained quality improvement over time.
  • Builds on the strengths of the organisation, team and staff to enhance capacity to sustain good practice.
  • Explores practical and effective strategies.  


Contact us to talk about customising an on-site consultation and/or professional learning session/s that will meet your organisation's specific needs.  An obligation free quote will be provided.


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